AC EnginesEdit

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Like the DC Electric Engine the AC Engine needs a redstone signal to run, but instead of a constant signal it requires an alternating redstone signal to function (the signal cycles rapidly between on/off) . The best way to get an alternating redstone signal is to build a redstone clock. Be sure to use a two-tick clock to give the engine alternating redstone signals. After making one place a shaft core inside the AC Engine.

Power 131.072 kW
Torque 512 Nm
Speed 256 rad/s

(Values are when powered with a 2-tick pulse)

Crafting RecipeEdit

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To craft the engine place 3 gold on the top row, 1 gold ingot on the middle left, 1 gold coil on the middle middle, 1 shaft unit on the middle right, 2 base panels in the bottom left and right corners, and redstone in the bottom middle.

Example SetupEdit


The unconventional nature of this engine can make it difficult to spot problems.  Try these.

  • You cannot have any magnetized shaft cores in your inventory within several blocks of the AC engine.
  • Your clock must be 2 redstone ticks on and 2 redstone ticks off.
  • You must have a magnetized shaft core in the Engine.
  • You must have magnetized the shaft core in the Magnetizing unit.  A core with any charge will display how charged it is in Teslas.
  • Vanilla redstone rules apply:  Try placing a piston in place of the engine to ensure the signal applies to the block you're putting the AC Engine in.