Bedrock ToolsEdit

Bedrock tools are made from bedrock ingots. They have infinite durability, and are faster than the diamond tools while being just as effective at harvesting blocks. Also, because of their hardness, bedrock tools are extremely sharp. A bedrock pickaxe can cleanly harvest any block, as if it was permanently enchanted with Silk Touch, and a bedrock sword is very effective against armor and can harvest mobs much more cleanly. The sharpness of bedrock shears makes them able to harvest even the most delicate of plants. A bedrock hoe can be used to till a 5x5 area, or, while sneaking, to use seeds to replant grass.

Crafting RecipeEdit


Bedrock Hoe

Built like any other tool with bedrock as the base material and HSLA Steel rods in place of sticks. This will need to be done in the Blast Furnace, at a temperature of 1000C.