Clutch ICON

The clutch is basically a gated shaft - when powered by redstone, it transmits its input torque and speed unchanged.  Remove the redstone source from it, and it outputs nothing.

Crafting RecipeEdit


A Clutch is made with a Shaft Unit, a Mount, and Redstone in a vertical line.

A Clutch can also be made with a Steel Shaft over some Redstone.

Clutch B


Clutches add in a simple disconnect to any line.  

Want to stop the grinding of Canola because your Reservoir is full? If you have a clutch inline with the Grinder and you flip a lever, the grinder turns off.

How about extending and retracting your Light Bridge ? Same thing, as long as the clutch is in the power line to the Light Bridge you can activate or deactivate it at will.

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