The Fermenter is the main machine used when making ethanol crystals. A good supply of sugar cane is recommended when making ethanol, for sugar, and making sludge.

Standard Fermenter setup using DC Engine


The Fermenter requires a steady supply of rotarycraft power from the rear to function, a DC Electric Engine is recommended.

The fermenter will not function very quickly when there is a heat source nearby or when in a colder biome, the temperature gauge on the left should be in the green to run at top speeds.

Creating Yeast in the fermenter

Right-clicking on the fermenter while holding a water bucket will fill a quarter of the internal tank, or water can be piped in via liquid pipes.

Sending the fermenter a redstone signal will change the automation type in the top right corner of the GUI.

Saplings, Sugar Cane and other Plants will work in the bottom slot

Usable EnginesEdit

Although the DC Electric Engine is recommended other engines will also work. The microturbine will max out the highest possible working speed on the fermenter.