The friction heater is used to heat up a furnace in order to smelt items using RotaryCraft power using the minimum amount of torque and rotational velocity. Surpassing these minimums allows the furnace to heat up more and smelt faster. Note that excessively high speeds and torque will turn the furnace into lava and thus destroying all the items inside


The Friction Heater is made with three HSLA steel in a vertical line in the first column of the crafting table, then in the center-column goes a shaft unit and below that is a base plate. Then the last column, you repeat the center-column.


The Friction Heater can be used in 3 major areas 1. It can be used as a substitute for fuel in a vanilla furnace 2. It is the only way to start up a Rock Smelter 3. It can be used for higher temperatures in a Blast Furnace