Gas TurbineEdit

GasTurbine ICON

The gas turbine is the most powerful single engine available in Rotarycraft. When provided with a supply of Jet Fuel, this engine is capable of producing 67.109Mw of power at 1,024 Nm of torque and 65,536 rad/s. As a cautionary note players, mobs, and items can be pulled through the input end of the engine reducing its durability and degrading power output. If the turbines durabillity drops too low it emits flames and makes small exposion effects until it detonates. The reactor can be repaired by right clicking with a compressor in hand.

The gas turbine uses extra fuel when accelerating to its speed of 65,536 rad/s. Keep in mind that until it reaches this speed, the fuel meter's remaining time display will be innaccurate for how much time it actually has left, as it uses the current fuel consumption rate to calculate the remaining time. When the maximum rotational speed is reached, it will accurately display how long your turbine will continue running with the amount of fuel it contains.

Power 67.109 Mw
Torque 1,024 Nm
Speed 65,536 rad/s

Crafting RecipeEdit


The gas turbine is crafted using a diffuser, compressor and a HSLA steel ingot on the top row; a HSLA steel ingot, a combustor, and a HSLA steel ingot on the middle row; and a base panel, a compound turbine, and a shaft unit on the bottom row.

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