The Gearboxes in Rotorycraft allow you to change the power output of engines through the use of gears.

Types of GearboxesEdit

There are several types of gearboxes avaliable, along with gear ratios avalaible. All of them convert fast rotational speed down to provide more tourque for machines that require it and Vice versa (torque to speed). You can change settings by shift+right clicking with the rotarycraft tool. Not sure which settings it's at? Open the gearbox GUI and there should be a box displaying either Torque (if you're converting speed to torque) or speed.

Depending on the durability that you will need, you can choose a material to suit your needs. Generally, the more power and speed that go through the gearbox, the faster it will degrade.

As it degrades, it looses its ability to transmit power effectively, and you realize power losses. At this time, there seems to be no provision for repairing worn gearboxes. However, gearboxes run best when lubercated.

You will need a Worktable in order to create these items.

All of the recipies shown below utilize a 2:1 Gear Unit. However, exchanging a 4:1, 8:1, or 16:1 Gear Units will result in the final product having that ratio instead.



Steel, HSLA


Bedrock * does not need lubercation

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