The Screwdriver is a must have item for Rotary Craft! this is for reorienting machines which were either misplaced or were difficult to place correctly. Shift-clicking will often perform a different function, like toggling split and merge modes on the Shaft Junction . The screwdriver will also reorient pistons and stairs.

Craft RecipeEdit

The Screwdriver is crafted with 1 iron ingot, 1 stick and 1 wooden plank with the iron in the top left corner, stick in the middle slot and wooden plank in the bottom right corner in a regular crafting table.

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As stated in the description the screwdriver is capable of changing the direction of the Rotary Craft blocks when right clicked and can change modes of certain blocks when shift-right clicking such as changing a Shaft Junction between merge and split modes or a Gearbox between speed and torque settings.