Wind TurbinesEdit

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The Wind Turbines uses air to produce rotational power. Because of the low density of air it doesn't produce a lot of torque (only 4Nm). The turbine does rotate at a fast speed of 1024 rad/s producing 4.096kW at it's best. The Engine works best at high altitude up to the altitude of 128 or so. It's the Second Weakest Engine in Rotary Craft and like the DC Electric Engine, is very easy to use. To activate simply place it in a high place.

Power 4.096 kW
Torque 4 Nm
Speed 1024 rad/s

(Values are at max efficiency)

Crafting RecipeEdit

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one hub in the middle surrounded by 8 propeller blades.

To make a Wind Turbine you need to put 8 propeller blades around a hub.